Chirelle LeTrese is a soul activator here to keep the peace and break chains. She is always engaged in the process of honoring ancestral lineage, developing intuition, deepening capacity for love and building resilience. She does this to inspire the collective to a life of joy, happiness and pleasure.

She holds the simple and radical belief that we are all inherently worthy. She is here to lead, transform and affirm as we seek to remember our deserved dignity.

She does this a mystic, creator and writer.

Her works of heart are a service for the privilege of living on this wonderful earth. She is inspired by the courageousness of audacious black womxn, both past and present, who fight for freedom, speak truth to power and are an ocean of love.

The journey to realizing our true self is available us all. Our spiritual selves are calling out to us. Asking that we return to a deep knowing of ourselves and listen to our inner voice. Asking that we heal and connect back with our soul. We don’t have to live in doubt, fear or shame. We can break our chains and know our purpose. We can end our suffering and know our destiny.  I am here to assist those ready to take the leap! ” – Chirelle LeTrese