​ Trauma Recovery Goals

Hi Friends!

I’ve got an activity for you.


Find a mirror at home or go to the bathroom.

Read each statement out loud while looking yourself in the eyes.

Pause and take a deep breathe in between reading each statement.

Note: The book below is a great resource as well!


  1. I want to develop a more consistently loving and accepting relationship with myself.
  2. I want an increasing capacity for self-acceptance.
  3. I want to become the best possible friend to myself.
  4. I want my relationships to be based on love, respect, fairness, and mutual support.
  5. I want to expand into full, uninhibited self-expression.
  6. I want to attain the best possible physical health.
  7. I want to cultivate a balance of exuberance and peace.
  8. I want to attract to myself loving friends and loving community.
  9. I want increasing freedom from toxic shame.
  10. I want increasing freedom from unnecessary fear.
  11. I want rewarding and fulfilling work.
  12. I want a healthy amount of peace of mind, spirit, soul, and body.
  13. I want to increase my capacity to play and have fun.
  14. I want to make plenty of room for beauty and nature in my life.
  15. I want sufficient physical and monetary resources.
  16. I want a fair amount of help (self, human, or divine) to get what I need.
  17. I want divine love, grace, and blessing.
  18. I want a balance of work, play, and rest.
  19. I want a balance of stability and change.
  20. I want a balance of loving interaction and healthy self-sufficiency.
  21. I want full emotional expression with a balance of laughter and tears.
  22. I want sexual satisfaction.
  23. I want to express my anger in effective and nonabusive ways.
  24. I want all this for each and every other human being as well as myself.


Walker, Pete (2015-11-02). The Tao of Fully Feeling: Harvesting Forgiveness out of Blame (p. 56).

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