Hey y’all

I’ve been off and on with my writing on this page. I got caught up trying to things the right way or whatever I thought the right way was in my mind. In actually, I was confused. Who do I want to be in this space? Inspiring. Exhausted. Polished. Certain and sure or confused. Cause honestly, I’m all those things in one day.

I’ve spent the past few years in a metamorphosis. Loosing, forgetting and shedding the me I thought I’d be. Now I’m somebody but still figuring out who. I’d like this blog to be a space to define myself. To figure out what my new boundaries are, to name them and be in the work on living by them.

This blog will be my thinking space as I sort out how this woman in me wants to live her life. Keep checking in cause I’ve got some thangs to say.

Thanks for listening y’all.