Full Moon in Gemini: At The Crossroads

This full moon everyone is trying to decide which way to go and Gemini is coming in fast with just enough faces to both overwhelm you and also help you see all the possibilities. 

This full moon is giving you the gifts of the labor that you committed to in the last 6 months. If you’ve been slacking, then you may feel a sense of urgency to get it all together right now. We are all thinking about the direction we will go. We are all looking back on what we created, what it taught us and how we will move forward. Past. Present and Future are being felt right now. 

Remember to be present in these moments. You’ve probably been holding your breath. Take a moment to breathe.



Trust yourself. Trust that your intentions have been true. Trust that your effort has been shown. Trust that what you’ve given will be returned. You are looking out on to the horizon, watching for the band of horses to come roaring into the skyline. You doubt that they heard your call. Unsure if you hear them galloping, hooves beating the ground as they rush to greet you. Are they are coming to lead you to victory?

Yes.  Have no doubt. 

Gemini and the horses she’s riding in on will help you see things from multiple perspectives. That way, when you’re done sorting through the lessons from the past, you can communicate clearly about what you desire for your future. Take some time this week reflect on how much you’ve grown and from it start to envision of the next chapter of your life.

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