Prophecy: collective ethical development​

Today I offered readings at the San Diego Psychic Fair. I did a fascinating psychic reading with a guy named Forest, who is working on a project that will model how increased individual and collective spiritual growth is what will transform the ethics of humanity. Simply put as we come to know ourselves through relationship higher beings we begin to reason like them. Miraculous societal shifts can occur when reflection is spiritually enlightened. My work is to awaken people with their own spiritual morality so I’m glad we met.
He asked me to intuit about the next 100 years and then the next 300 to 500 years on the changes in our ethical development through obtaining higher consciousness.
I pulled, Ixchel, the medicine woman card which shows that within the next 100 years western societies will be coming back into their roles as divine beings or healers of the land. Westerns will be in the process of remembering themselves as co-creators with the divine. But like teenagers with underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, we don’t yet have the reasoning skills to apply this wisdom.
Then I pulled, Ishtar, the boundaries card which shows that humanity will be coming into the needed self-awareness to join in union with higher beings. The establishment of boundaries will ultimately lead to the dissolving of them as we begin to see that we are truly one with the divine. Between the years 3000 and 5000, humanity will be working toward maturing our ethical reasoning skills. Decisions will be made both collectively and individually in unison and instantaneously because we will all function from the same energic vibration.
The reading was helpful for us both. We are both light warriors or change agents, clear about our mission on earth. We are attempting to prepare for the magnitude of change that is coming to the people on earth. Don’t be disillusioned, this is a collapsing paradigm in human history. Our accession at this time is essential. Turn back to your dreams, visions, and intuition, abandon your identity as a member of society and realize you are the light.

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