Total Solar Eclipse: Goodbye Shadows 

On Monday, while watching the solar eclipse, I wrote a quick note while the eclipse was in totality. Here is the quick jot:

Letting go of the shadows of my inner child. The fear of being seen, heard and fully loved. I am letting go of fear. Asking for what I need. 

I am preparing for courageous vulnerability and a return the land, the water, the earth. I am ready to navigate the oceans of my healing journey and return home to myself. 

I am willing to seek out, find and join those whose journeys are like mine. I ask for fearlessness and discernment when I make a request to the world and it is returned to me. I need honesty and integrity to make the right choices for myself. 

My physical and emotional reaction during the eclipse was surprising to me. I felt very nervous and jittery for all of the totality and it slowly faded away as the sun and moon moved out of alignment. I felt the building up of tension and a slow release that brought in a new feeling of excitement and expectation.

I put my note under the water bowl on my altar to set a reminder to myself and the spirits of what I’ve committed myself to. I’m excited to see how life responds to me and tracking the unfolding.

Thanks for reading and let’s stay connected.