Reclaiming The Past 

I was looking through pictures on my phone. It was like I was seeing my past self with new eyes. I spent so much of my youth consumed with my body image, I was forcibly smaller bodied for a good portion of my teens because of disordered eating. I worked so hard in my teen to amass power for myself where I felt it was lacking. I don’t know if I was as aware of the other things taking place in my life. I had good friends, and a supportive mother, and siblings that cared about me. My childhood, while… Continue reading Reclaiming The Past 

Writing As Conjure 

I am a writer. And I think often about what story I am trying to tell with my words. If you notice my word are leading to someplace, moving me along in the plot and storyline. I talk about my life as if I’m going somewhere. Where is that place? What journey do I want to take others on? The journey is conjure. The spirit in me gathers the material needed to produce the right conditions for exchange between the spirits of other realms so that my earthly reality is shifted. From the beginning to the end of a written… Continue reading Writing As Conjure 

July 7th 2022: Texas

Here I am, living into another year. It’s been a year since I’ve moved to Texas. What has happened this year? So much has been coming out of me. This year challenged me. I’ve been feeling so tender that being vulnerable feels repulsive at times. It’s been a slow process of letting all the grief come out of me. Ooze out of me, peel off of me, hang around me. The grief has been heavy. I know myself in ways I’ve never had the intimacy to know. I have communicated this person with others. I’ve been vocalizing her needs. I’ve… Continue reading July 7th 2022: Texas

​ Trauma Recovery Goals

Hi Friends! I’ve got an activity for you.   Find a mirror at home or go to the bathroom. Read each statement out loud while looking yourself in the eyes. Pause and take a deep breathe in between reading each statement. Note: The book below is a great resource as well!   I want to develop a more consistently loving and accepting relationship with myself. I want an increasing capacity for self-acceptance. I want to become the best possible friend to myself. I want my relationships to be based on love, respect, fairness, and mutual support. I want to expand… Continue reading ​ Trauma Recovery Goals

Hey y’all

I’ve been off and on with my writing on this page. I got caught up trying to things the right way or whatever I thought the right way was in my mind. In actually, I was confused. Who do I want to be in this space? Inspiring. Exhausted. Polished. Certain and sure or confused. Cause honestly, I’m all those things in one day. I’ve spent the past few years in a metamorphosis. Loosing, forgetting and shedding the me I thought I’d be. Now I’m somebody but still figuring out who. I’d like this blog to be a space to define… Continue reading Hey y’all

Full Moon in Gemini: At The Crossroads

This full moon everyone is trying to decide which way to go and Gemini is coming in fast with just enough faces to both overwhelm you and also help you see all the possibilities.  This full moon is giving you the gifts of the labor that you committed to in the last 6 months. If you’ve been slacking, then you may feel a sense of urgency to get it all together right now. We are all thinking about the direction we will go. We are all looking back on what we created, what it taught us and how we will… Continue reading Full Moon in Gemini: At The Crossroads

“Chirelle’s tarot readings are both a blessing and gift. Focus, understandings, and knowledge are given in these sessions. I felt loved, accepted, and cared for. These readings are beautiful beyond words. Am grateful and thankful to know Chirelle.”


“Where do I start!?! Chirelle put me in a good place. I felt a new sense of purpose! I appreciated how genuine she was! Overall just an amazing experience and will certainly do another reading! Thank you so so much Chirelle!!!”