The journey to realizing our true self is available us all.  Our spiritual selves are calling out to us. Asking that we return to a deep knowing of ourselves and listen to our inner voice. Asking that we heal and connect back with our soul. We don’t have to live in doubt, fear or shame. We can break our chains and know our purpose. We can end our suffering and know our destiny.  I am here to assist those ready to take the leap!

“Chirelle’s tarot readings are both a blessing and gift. Focus, understandings, and knowledge are given in these sessions. I felt loved, accepted, and cared for. These readings are beautiful beyond words. Am grateful and thankful to know Chirelle.”


“Where do I start!?! Chirelle put me in a good place. I felt a new sense of purpose! I appreciated how genuine she was! Overall just an amazing experience and will certainly do another reading! Thank you so so much Chirelle!!!”